Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Heat Is On

  It was a not so sunny 85ish degrees today. One of the first (if only) days this year so far that was that warm. The moths are out in force. Four times in the past twenty four hours, I've opened my car doors and a moth flew out from the crevice between the door and the car. And there were two in the office this afternoon. (I suggested we get a cat to take care of that problem.)
    But I'm not going to talk about the weather. The heat is on because I have 29 days to find a new apartment. My lease is up at the end of June and I not only refuse to stay and pay the outrageous (to put it mildly) month to month rent at my current apartment, but I also semi-refuse to move back in with my parents temporarily until I do find a place. I was living there for about 3 and a half months last year after I got my job, but the commute is a little farther than I'd like, and I was hoping, trying to be a grown-up and all, that I wouldn't have to be in that position again.
    But it's sort of slim pickins. There are plenty of places out there, but many are either: A) too far from work; B) at the basement or ground level (I worry about flooding out here); C) too expensive for my barely double digit an hour salary; D) do not allow cats (I would like to finally bring my cat up to live with me so my dad can stop babysitting him for me); or E) just aren't very nice (old, bug infested, or in a bad neighborhood). I have a few prospects, which my wonderful boyfriend has agreed to call for me since I would rather not make personal phone calls while I'm at work. Hopefully there will be something out there. It doesn't need to be that big or fancy or modern. It'd just be nice if it had a dishwasher and would let me have my cat. I'm probably too picky, so it's good to have a second opinion along to keep that in check.
    On the bright side: I paid my last month's rent today to the apartment nazis I currently have a lease with. 
Countdown to new apartment: 29 days (or less). I hope.


Bob said...

Buy a small motorhome and save the rent money.

Outnumbered said...

I feel ya! The dog and cat were fighting over moths last night, it was hilarious. And I just learned yesterday that my new room mates won't be allowed to move in because my old room mate lied about her dog and bf living in the basement -- we have 3 weeks to be out.
Happy home hunting!

Constant Writer said...

@Bob: I'm 23, I don't have the capital to afford a motor home! LOL
And with gas prices right now, that doesn't sound like such a great investment...

Constant Writer said...

@Outnumbered: LOL my cat is driving my dad nuts going after the moths. OMG that's so terrible you have to move now too!! I hope you find something soon!

+Constant Writer

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