Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayo Rant

So the wonderful people at our apartment building not only told us that they can't renew our lease (not that we wanted to, but seeing as we don't have to give notice for another 3 weeks or so, it seemed a little premature), but they broke our living room window this week. They were gutting the cabinets from the apartment above ours, which finally explains the banging, bumping, and thuds I hear at all hours of the day from up there (though I can't imagine they're the ones who were up there at 10pm and 3am and all the other odd hours...), and tossing the cabinets out the window from the third floor. One fell funny and broke the outer pane of glass on our window. That was brilliant. I had been having a not-so-terrible day up until I was walking back from class and saw that our window looked a little strange. It looked broken, but not having my glasses on, I couldn't be sure.
    I dashed upstairs, and sure enough, it was broken. Quite a big piece of the middle section is missing now, with pointy shards sticking out at the edges. Now, it was a double pane window, and the inner pane is still intact, so we're not getting any unusual weather, but it was so much brighter in here when I came in that I thought the whole window had been broken through.
    The management has told us that someone will be in next Thursday or Friday (that's right, a whole week staring out an unusually bright, broken window) to replace it. If this window is not in by 5pm next Friday, someone may need to restrain me from beating down their door. It just seems like the last straw: one pretty huge crappy thing they've done in the less than four months we've lived here. First, it was sending us a notice to vacate three months early. Then it was shutting the water off every other week. They removed the dumpster nearest to our end of the building, overloading the remaining dumpsters. They now want us to get new parking passes for the last month we'll live here. They are never in their offices when they're supposed to be. Basically, these people suck at managing apartments. Cutting costs and raising rental rates. It kind of feels like living in a boarding school or something where the people in charge are trying to control every part of your life without giving you some of the courtesies or necessities that might have been given by a more customer service friendly place.
    Did I mention the internet was out for a few days this week? Without notice? The only reason I posted a couple days ago was because I had that draft in there, Seeing Double, and I used the school computers to get online and publish it.
    Needless to say, it's been a rough week living here. But, all is not lost. Today was my last day of class, and I have a weekend to look forward to. I may still have 3 finals to take next week, but I'm not worried. Yet.
Three cheers for property managment companies. Not.


Outnumbered said...

You sure you don't wanna move in with me....???? Did I mention how cheap it is, and how much space you have, and that Steve is superman with a wrench who can fix ANYTHING...

Constant Writer said...

LOL seriously if you lived closer to my work, I totally would. And yes, you did mention those things ;)

+Constant Writer

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