Monday, April 4, 2011

Anxiety Strikes

Basically had a miniature anxiety attack bubbling under the surface since Friday afternoon, causing me to neglect my blog for three whole days! For that, I apologize, but with nothing interesting to write about, and so much lack of focus and motivation due to said anxiety, I thought it would be best to wait to post a new topic rather than crank out something resembling a poorly polished turd.
Stressors and Anxiety Causers Countdown: 
    Anxiety causer number 3: I had to lead the review session for the test in the class I'm the TA for this evening, and I was quite pleased with how well it went. There weren't many students there, and no one asked anything too difficult. And even though it seemed like it went by fast, we were there for a whole hour.
    Stressor number 2: Also have come to a mostly decided decision, saying it aloud to someone this afternoon makes it more real, and that bit of anxiety about sharing that decision has been alleviated. More details on this decision to come (eventually), once it's actually finalized and there's no turning back.
    Anxiety cause number 1: I won't go into too much detail because it seems silly now, but I switched out my mouse at work on Friday because the new one they gave me was the wrong shape for my hand. And we're not supposed to change equipment without telling the boss, and the bosses were out of the office on Friday. So, long story short, anxious and guilty all weekend over a computer mouse.
    Is anxiety a useless emotion that should be discarded and swept under the rug as quickly as jealousy, fear, or regret? Anxiety does not accomplish anything. And oftentimes, we become anxious about something for no good reason because it turns out all right in the end.
    Anxiety and guilt are two of those emotions that strike me far too often without rationality, and in the meantime, cause distress and plenty of other unpleasant emotions. So, that's our goal for the week. Stop letting anxiety and guilt take over, especially when they override rationality. Hopefully you found this slightly interesting, as far as my posts go, and I really hope that despite being a couple days late with this post, it was a little bit worthwhile for someone.
Life is short. Don't let the little things get to you.

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