Monday, July 9, 2012

Crazy Weather We're Having, Eh?

  Gigantic heatwave? Check. Untamed wildfires? Very much so. Flash flooding? Cherry on the sundae of a rough Colorado summer. Being home all day has been a challenge with 90 to 100 degree temperatures burning through most of the day hours. Me trying to be green/being cheap, I've been running a small oscillating fan instead of the AC. It's been pretty effective most days, but some days it's worse than others and I have to resort to the AC. 

    And then, after about three or so weeks of hellish heat, rain. Not just the usual rain we get here, where it goes for about ten minutes and quits. It poured for a couple days and even caused some flash flooding in some places.

    They're still calling for storms over the next few days, but at least the temperature's dipped below 90.

    In other news, I sold my first few copies of my book! To people who aren't me! I started talking about it at a 4th of July get-together the other day and suddenly everyone wants to know how I did it and where they can get it. I don't expect everyone who said they wanted a copy to actually get one--it's not the next Harry Potter or anything--but it was nice to have people support me and ask me about it.

    Also, a bunch of people have signed up for my giveaway on GoodReads! I'm glad I don't have to pick who gets the copies or I'd probably go nuts trying to narrow it down. (I think they do it semi-randomly anyway--incorporating info from people's profiles and previous book interests.) But yay for people being interested enough to get a copy. Some people have even added it to their list of books to read, which I hope means they might buy it if they don't win it with the contest.

    Double bonus, I'm THIS close to finishing the story I'm working on right now. It's not going to be a full novel, probably closer to 20 or 25 thousand words, but it's coming along. Next step, I either must invest in a new printer or new cartridges for my existing printer to start editing. I would like to have another self-published book out by the end of the year, if not sooner, and so I need to find a new printing solution to manage my editing.
Upside: there are 171 shopping days left 'til Christmas :)

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Britt Cormack said...

Totally signed up - I am currently not allowed to buy books but I hope I win and if not, you're at the top of my list when I'm allowed to purchase again :)

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