Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Worst Kinds of People

  I read an article today about the worst kinds of coworkers to have, the loud mouth, the bad influence, the rival, the downer, etc., and it got me thinking about people I know who are like this. Not necessarily coworkers, as I have pretty awesome coworkers, but just people I've known or that I know now who are people I probably shouldn't know.
    As far as someone who talks too much, I'm probably guilty of that one. I don't blab other people's secrets. Not secrets. I do have a tendency to overshare my own thoughts, and sometimes, when it's really good news or really juicy gossip, I have a really hard time not sharing it. Sometimes it's just with my boyfriend, and he doesn't really count because he doesn't talk about anything I tell him to other people, but sometimes it's sharing with my coworkers, and I probably shouldn't share all the stuff I do with them. There are some things that, because we work together, probably should be kept to myself.
    Bad influences, I know a few of those people. The ones that tell you to skip class to go to the brewery, the ones that talk you into coming to that party you didn't want to go to because it was going to be nothing but a bunch of people you don't know drinking stuff you don't want to drink, the ones that convince you to hang out or go do things that you don't have the money to do just because it sounds like so much fun. I think we all have this bone in our bodies--we all do a little peer pressuring from time to time, whether it's something little or something big. The difference is that we aren't the pusher all the time. Some people are always going to dare you to do the thing you know you shouldn't be doing because they have a little danger streak that they want to share.
    Overly competitive people--I was in IB in high school. I didn't finish, but I knew my fair share of overly competitive people. The ones that will always ask what you got on your test and caw happily when they find out they got one point better. (I did enjoy doing better than other people, I just didn't say it out loud that I got the better grade or that I was proud of myself for having gotten it.) The people who will always turn in the paper a week early and stick their hand up first to get their answer in. The only person I think I've ever really competed with is myself. I'll admit, I am a little competitive at work. I want to get my good idea in first, and I want my creativity to shine over everyone else's when I get the chance to. But I'm not the most creative person there, and I don't have the experience with certain aspects of the job that other people do, which limits me in some respects, and it means that that chance to shine doesn't come around as often as it used to when I was in school, getting grades.
    The downer is that person that can always find something negative to say about whatever happens or whatever else is said. I have DEFINITELY known people like this. It's really unfortunate because they're usually decent people, they just have an overly pessimistic outlook on life and people and the world. I have days where everything sucks--I think you'd have to be an automaton if you didn't have days like that at least sometimes, however infrequent. But some people are just distrustful, angry, regretful, and unhappy people that live by the adage misery loves company. These are probably the worst ones on this list because they bring everyone else down too, whether they mean to or not.
    I guess the point here is that while we all may be a little bit like these personalities from time to time, the point is not to be any one of them ALL the time. And maybe to be more like a few other personalities some of the time too--the encourager, the shoulder to lean on, the back-up, the giver--to balance everything out. (Sidenote: Using the new Blogger Interface right now. It's clean, and I like the posting part, LOVE the posting part, but the dashboard is weird. Too clean, too few buttons. Hard to find what you want.)
Be ambitious but not a shark. 
Be realistic not pessimistic. 
Be honest but not tactless. 

What kind of person do YOU think is the worst? 
Or... are you secretly one of them?
Share in the comments. 


Outnumbered said...

I love that you shared this. For many reasons which I will now share...
1. I have a couple of people from that list at work with me but none of the really bad ones that are hard to deal with - which makes me feel very fortunately about my job and position
2.Thank you for mentioning IB -- I can not stand those people. I remember at one point, discussing school with my counselor at LHS and she was going on and on about how competitive IB is and I was like, "Uh yeah if you actually give a shit about anyone else..." and then when I got my IB diploma (despite having participated in drinking, sex, and other things *gasp*) and some of those people didn't -- it felt awesome
3. I think downers are the worst, there is nothing more annoying than hearing people complain about circumstances which are ultimately in their total control.

By the by -- I am the bad influence

Constant Writer said...

I also know a couple people who fall into a couple of these categories, and one person that falls into several of them, but I don't think any one of them is so bad that they're hard to deal with.
Ah, fond high school memories. IB people were a little hard to handle sometimes. I would like to think I only made friends with some of the good ones ;) And as awesome as it is that you were able to finish, I'm glad I didn't. I think I had neared my breaking point mentally.
Downers are often the worst ones. I am a bit of a complainer (ok, a really big complainer sometimes), but I don't think I'm really a downer because I think after I vent, I still see the good in people and in life.
@Outnumbered: I KNOW you're the bad influence! ;) I can be a little bit like that too, but only when it comes to certain things, like good food and free beer!

Outnumbered said...

Hahaha! Yeah it took me a long time to be able to say IB didn't nearly kill me and it was worth cousin just started it at LHS last year.

Everybody complains, I think what bothers me is the constant complainers with no motivation to change

+Constant Writer

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