Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cupid : MIA

Valentine's Day has fallen out of favor. It seems like we were slapped in the face with holidays like Valentine's Day, Easter, St Patrick's Day, and the 4th of July, among the obvious others, since we were five years old. And then, once you get out of high school, they seem to pass under the radar. (Except St. Patty's Day, which is now the American drinking holiday, and no longer has anything to do with Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland.)
    No more paper hearts or streamers hung up everywhere. We don't have to deliver little valentines to our classmates. Even the hype for diamonds, candy, and Hallmark cards seems to be lower now than it used to be.
    Am I in a bubble and this is actually not true? Is Valentine's Day prospering and making more money than ever without my knowledge? It's entirely possible. In my bubble, holidays come and go because I'm not forced to notice them, and don't have time to enjoy them. Even Christmas wasn't as fun this year. While it's nice to take time out and celebrate a holiday, even if it's a corny, made-up one like Valentine's Day, it seems like holidays have become more of a marketing tool than actual times to remember things and celebrate them. Celebrate here means to appreciate them and maybe be thankful for them. Celebrating holidays does not mean getting really drunk, contrary to popular belief. (Except again for St. Patty's day--because we don't live in Ireland, so we're not worried about the snake infestation.)
    My goal here is not to bash the holiday. I don't want to put down Valentine's Day, or Christmas, just because they're overly commercialized. I suppose I'd just like to bring attention to the fact that the diamond and candy industries make enough money as it is.
    So, not to be hypocritical, I'm going to cook for Valentine's Day--dinner. No over-priced cards or chocolate. No out-to-dinner at a fancy place where you need reservations. I think I prefer dinner at home actually, because it's not about getting new earrings or getting that cheesy, sentimental card dipped in glitter with the velvet border. It's about spending itme with someone you love. So, while drinking may be in order, drunkenness is not necessary. Not on this holiday, anyway. Maybe I can even convince him to watch a chick flick with me, but it'll have to be before Hawaii Five-O comes on. Because that show is just as fun as any movie I would pick for Valentine's day.
    I suppose I'll leave everyone with the thought that while spending money is very American, and at this point, probably good for the economy, maybe you should rethink saying it with diamonds. Or Hallmark. Get a blank card and write your own message. Those are almost always a better way to show you care.
When in doubt, quote. Someone else probably said it better.


Constant Writer said...

Oops. Got a little overzealous and published it a day early. The next one will be on time, as per the previous schedule, not adjusted for this mistake. In case anyone's paying attention.

Outnumbered said...

I think it's just not as exciting because we are getting older. And you know what my problem with valentine's day is??? I keep hearing it's this holiday where GUYS have to do something special in order to get laid and women are totally spoiled with candy flowers and jewelery but it seems to me, if there has ever been someone getting me something (a guy) I have gotten him something too...idk I think there's too many rule out there about vday to make it as enjoyable as it's supposed to be

Constant Writer said...

That's so true. There are way too many rules. I don't know how many articles I've seen about how to do Valentine's day right, what not to do, what gifts to give, and they're all silly. Also, I think I've always done reciprocal gifts too, but since my anniversary is so close to valentine's, we just do gifts then and just do dinner or something for Valentine's.
"Guys have to do something special in order to get laid." You crack me up :)

+Constant Writer

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